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LCM Communications - Brand Consultancy
LCM Communications

As a multi-faceted brand consultant, Lara specialises in three key areas. From identifying and building upon brand strengths, securing lifelong business partnerships alongside creating memories through planned events and targeted activations. Lara aims to analyse your brand and assess how it performs against competitors, where it lies in the market and how it can be valued in the most successful and longest lasting light.

LCM Communications Creating Memories
Creating Memories Lara Harris
LCM Communications Services

Creative Brand Strategy

Event Planning

Client & Target Market Engagement

Market Research

Brand Partnership & Sponsorship Strategy

Media Outreach

Global Competitor Analysis

Database Management

PR Strategy

LCM Communications Our Philosophy
LCM Communications Philosopy

The key to all effective communication is listening.  So we do this first.

We listen to what you need from your project, campaign, outreach, strategy or event.

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